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🚀 You need to upgrade to a paid plan to use this feature.

Want to deliver a fully branded experience to your customers?

If you're on a paid plan, not only can you add your own branding for your video landing pages, but you can also add your custom domain.

By default all video landing page URLs begins with followed by a slug: a unique id made up of letters and numbers.


If you add a custom domain, you will replace "" by your own URL. However the slug will not change.


Add your subdomain

Log in to your Vuleads account and click on Settings in the left sidebar.

You will see 2 tabs: Details and Branding. Click on the Branding tab.

Enter your subdomain in the Custom Domain field.

Note: Your URL should be a subdomain. For example:

Click Save changes.

Add a CNAME record

You're almost done. All you need to do now is point your subdomain to

Learn how to set a CNAME record with GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger.

Note: A DNS change requires up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide.

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